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mustard made FAQ


What do the colours look like in real life?
We get it, it's tricky to tell from photos. That's why we offer colour swatches so you can see the actual colour in it's real finish for yourself before you pick. You can order as many colours as you like HERE


What size are the lockers?
The Shorty : H72 * W35 * D46 cm The Skinny : H183 * W35 * D46 cm The Lowdown : H72 * W100 * D40 cm The Midi : H110 * W85 * D40 cm The Baskets : Big x 1 : H16 * W40 * D26 cm Small x 2 : H16 * W24.5 * D17


What size boxes do they come in?
The Shorty : H59 * W50 * D15 cm
The Skinny : H180 * W55 * D15 cm
The Lowdown : H124 * W57 * D18.5 cm
The Midi : H110 * W49.5 * D23.5 cm
The Baskets : H43 * W28 * D20 cm




Which way does the door open?

The Shorty comes in both options + The Skinny only comes in the standard right opening. Our standard is for the door to open to the right.

The Shorty in Mustard in the photo opens to the right.This means the handle is on the left and the hinge in on the right, the door swings open towards the right.

The Shorty in Blush in the photo opens to the left. This means the handle is on the right and the hinge in on the left, the door swings open towards the left.

How will the lockers arrive?
Your locker will arrive flat packed, this makes transporting much more efficient.
How do I put it together?
It's easy! Mustard lockers are smartly designed so it's nice + simple. You'll find your instructions inside + only need a screwdriver to attach the handle, no other tools needed! Trust us! 
Click here for our how to videos.

I've lost/I'm missing a bit!?
Don't worry, we have lots of spare parts! Just email us at team@mustardmade.com, tell us what you are missing + your postage details, we can send you what you need!

Help, I've lost my key?

Email us at team@mustardmade.com + we will do our best to help you find a solution!

Also, just incase you're making your locker + can't find a key... they come attached to the inside of the door! 

What about safety for kids?
The back panel of each locker has holes to allow you to attach it safely to the wall. Two screws + two raw plugs are provided but please check the best fixing method for your walls.

What are the lockers made from?
Our products are made from quality powder coated steel. They are strong and designed to last. 
Can the lockers be used outside or in a bathroom?
The simple answer is nope. They are designed for indoor use in areas where they will not get wet or be exposed to regular moisture.
If you did decide to place it outside or in a bathroom it would increase the likelihood of rust over time. That being said they look awesome in bathrooms so it is your personal choice!
Where can I see them in person?
We don't have our own shop but we do have lovely stockists across the UK + Europe. Have a look here to find your nearest one.

Got another question?

Shoot us an email at team@mustardmade.com

Our phone lines are currently unavailable

Our contact details
Mustard Made UK Ltd, 1st Floor Office

155 Regents Park Road, NW1 8BB