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Style your locker 3 ways - with Paper and Lilies

We'd like to introduce you to Catharine...

If you haven't discovered @paperandlilies on Instagram, let me describe her feed for you. It's like a warm, rose tinted interior hug. Every image is inviting and has 'family' written all over it. We challenged  Catharine to style her Shorty in Olive in three ways and every room is a complete delight! 

Tell us a little about you…

My name is Catharine. I live in Canberra with my partner Luke and our two kids, Scarlett 6 and Riley 3. I moved around a lot as a kid, I lived in Holland, as well in a number of cities in Australia. While living in these places I was exposed to many galleries, design influences and different ways of living. In my 20’s I also did a lot of traveling through countries, getting excited about the beautiful buildings and interiors I came across. I think it influenced my design aesthetic today.

How would you describe your style in three words? 

Warm, earthy, homely. 

Your home is filled with earthy tones and hints of nature, where do you find your inspiration?

I want my home to feel comfortable as soon as you walk in. I love looking to nature for inspiration. Beautiful flowers are often on display in my home and the colours play off the cushions, soft furnishings and art. I selected grey, rust and white as the base for the living space. I layer up with throws, sheepskins and cushions. And then greenery. Greenery really brings a space to life.  

My kids rooms are inspired by my kids. Riley gave me a brief, he wanted a green dinosaur room. He loves being the dirt digging, and playing with cars. I wanted his space to reflect that. So I built up shades of soft green and olive with natural timbers. I love using toys as display items. Scarlett is very feminine and loves flowers and pink. The wallpaper from Mr Perswell made the room feel extra special. I knew I wanted it many years before I got it. Also as the wallpaper has many colours you can draw out, you can change the décor easily if she no longer loves pink.  

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend is one spent together as a family. We would start with a family breakfast, pancakes are the kids favourite choice for a weekend breakfast. We would then go out on an adventure in one of the national parks close by and explore or go hiking followed by a picnic. Then back home to watch a family movie with a big bowl of popcorn.

Paper and Lilies - style a mustard locker in a boys room

Look 1

Riley’s bedroom. He only got his big boy room this year and we have been searching for the perfect bedside table.

This locker is here because it is the perfect place to put a night light next to Riley’s bed. It’s also a great height as he can look at his nightlight as he falls asleep. We store books Riley is currently reading before bed as well as some special toys and whatever else Riley wants to put in! Riley’s room is filled with things from small businesses, including his bed from twigged design, his wobble board and toys from Honey Bee Toys, bug catcher Vines of the Wild, and Oh Ivy dinosaurs.

 Paper and lilies - locker in a girls room

Look 2

This is Scarlett’s room, in here the locker plays so well off the wallpaper and the darker colour really pops in. Scarlett also said she needs it in her room all the time to store all her secret letters and diary. The locker works so well in a little girls room, it provides a secret space to hide all her treasures.  

The dollhouse was made by Luke and I for her 5th birthday and her bed with her canopy make the room feel magical.

 Paper and Lilies - Locker in a home office

Look 3

A locker in my study is so practical and stylish. It works just as well in an adult space and is great to store paperwork and stationery supplies. My desk is Temple and Webster and I added a gorgeous grid mood board from H and G designs, perfect for hanging inspiration. Of course there has to be some greenery in there too, my dried eucalyptus leaves and my fiddle leaf plant finish it off. 

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