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make your own - word label magnets

This has to be the most useful DIY + if you're anything like us, a label making session is your idea of a Good Friday night in! Just imagine all the things that will now have an offical spot with it's very own magnetic label!

It's a super fast way to add some personality to your Mustard locker!

What you need


    Step by Step

    diy label magnets for mustard made lockers


    Punch out the desired word on your label maker.

    *Tip* Make sure you squeeze really hard on the trigger so the letters are well defined.


    diy label magnets for mustard made lockers


    Cut the magnet strip about 2mm smaller in size than the label.


    diy label magnets for mustard made lockers

    In the kitchen. 

    The midi makes a great addition to the kitchen or dining room if you need a bit of extra storage. Use your word label magnets to give each shelf a purpose.


    mustard word label DIY for lockers

    diy label magnets for mustard made lockers

    Sort out the toys. 

    Not only will this make it easier to tackle tidy-up-time it will help your kids recognise words so they can be little helpers! You could also label your lockers with the kids names on the front then a spot for their school books, lunchbox, hat, shoes + drink bottle. Mornings might just be a little less hectic if they can find all their things! 


    diy label magnets for mustard made lockers diy label magnets for mustard made lockers

    Keep organised. 

    Lockers are such a great option for offices or the little corner of your living room you work from! Keep all your VIPs (very important papers) neat + tidy. Make one for your to-do list, things to post or create labels for each of your products.

     Inbox and outbox word label DIY

    magnetic label words DIY for mustard made lockers

    Label your wardrobe. 

    Finally, sort out your wardrobe once + for all! Make labels for everything from undies to sunnies, pop them all in baskets + you'll know where everything is when you want it! This is such a great idea for kids, they'll be able to put their washing away in all the right places! 


    DIY word magnets for mustard made lockers

    diy magnets for mustard made lockers

    Created by You Give Me Grace
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    • So spooky, I’d just added a label maker to my amazon basket before I checked my emails. Great idea to add a magnetic back for our lockers. Thanks for the idea. 💡 😁


    • I love your lockers. So easy to make and terrific colours. I’ve seen your post about Dymo label magnets but what I really want are BIG magnetic letters in your colours to decorate the outside of my lockers

      Jeremy Delow

    • Love this idea thank you ladies sadly I don’t have one of your beautiful lockers. One day I will though xx

      Jo Benger

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