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Magnets for your lockers

Did you know - our lockers are magnetic?

Well now you do! We're going to show you how you can truly make the most of that knowledge! The lockers are made from steel + finished with a beautiful matte powder coat so you are able to stick magnets all over them. 

Here are some very cute magnets we've found to go with your favourite colour locker...

Skinny locker by Mustard Made

Googly eye magnets - Just because everyone needs to bring their locker to life…add some personality to your storage! 

Skinny locker by Mustard Made - Blush

Letter magnets - We're so excited that we will soon be selling these typographic delights. Never have alphabet magnets looked this good! Magnetic letters are a great way to help kids with spelling or to personalise your locker in any room of your home or workspace.

Skinny locker by Mustard Made - White

Peg Magnets - Write that essential note to your child for Tuesday - 'please don't forget your PE kit!' These would be great for hanging up your child's artwork of the day or even peg up the odd socks from the wash til they find their pair!

Skinny locker by Mustard Made - Berry

Flower power magnets - Flowers are always a good idea! Handmade + oh so lovely these are perfect for sticking photos or romantic love notes all over your locker! 

Skinny locker by Mustard Made - Navy

Days of the week magnets - Need help remembering what day of the week it is? We know the feeling! Use these to keep your week on track. Great for meal planning too!

Skinny locker by Mustard Made - Ocean

Slogan magnet - We picked up this one at a museum but there's some great options here by David Shrigley for quotes worthy on a place on your locker!

Skinny locker by Mustard Made - Slate

Neodymium magnetsSmall but strong, these subtle magnets will mean you can stick things all over your locker. We use these a lot for photos at home or work reminders in our office.

Skinny locker by Mustard Made - Olive

Botanical notepad - Always forgetting something? This handy magnetic note pad is what you need, use it to keep track of your shopping. 'Note to self: buy more plants!'

Or, you can make your very own magnets with our easy DIY's...

Pom Pom magnets

Word label magnets

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