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5 Things - Create, Play, Cook

Times are strange and we're all in need of some warm fuzzy feelings, some things to keep us (or our kids) busy and feeling inspired. We asked our little Mustard team to share the things keeping them going and bringing some joy right now.


5 things to create with Becca from Mustard Made

5 things to create with Becca

Making things is what makes me feel like me! It doesn’t have to be a huge project + it certainly doesn’t have to be perfect but making something that didn’t exist before always makes me smile. Here’s 5 ideas for things to keep you feeling creative.

One - Embroidery kit

These lovely kits will give you everything you need to make something special while you’re snuggled up watching Netflix. I love this one but there’s lots of unique options for embroidery + cross stich. Sewing takes a bit of mindfulness so it’s a really good way to take your mind off your worries.

Two - Weaving

A few years back I bought some beautiful roving + a little loom. I started but never quite finished the weaving so now is probably a good time to get stuck into it! The Unusual Pear stocks a big range of the fanciest looking wools + all kinds of looms for beginners to experts!

Three - Bath bombs

Having a bath is a great way to spend time, any time of day if you ask me + it’s always better with a bath bomb! I made a batch with my kids + called it a science lesson but the perk is that I have lovely soft coconutty skin! We made them much smaller in a silicon ice cube mould so they’d last a lot longer! 

Four - Leathercraft

I’ve been really wanting to learn some leather skills + I’ve had my eye on this kit. I love that I could make something that will last years to come!

Five - Creative course

If you’ve been dreaming of a career change, this sudden shift is an opportunity to explore what life could look like if you took the leap. An online course like Interior Styling with Lucy Gough could be just what you need to create the life you want when we’re all allowed out again!


Five kids activities to play with Tash from Mustard Made

5 things to play with Tash

Hands up if you’re finding it tough being at home with the kids? I have 3 girls of different ages, 6, 4 and 17 months so finding activities that they could all take part in is pretty tricky! We’ve got the learning bit down but we also want to have some fun too and keep their spirits up. These are 5 activities that have worked well!

One - Box play

You know when you have ordered something for yourself whilst in lockdown + you don’t know what to do with the cardboard box afterwards? Make a car park, a village or even a car wash! Little ones can add blocks + have fun pushing cars, bigger kids build lego towers, helicopter pads, an airport…  the list is endless.

Two - Puppet theatre.

This really is the activity that keeps on giving. First there is the making of the actual theatre (again, box craft), then you can make puppets out of a billion different things (we printed monsters we found online), you can pretty much stick anything on a stick and call it a puppet! Kids make their friends little videos + you can create backdrops for the puppet show!

Three - Colour collecting

This is such a sweet DIY! You could use an egg carton or ice cube tray + then either go for a walk to look for coloured things (exercise for the day - tick!) or use things in your home like lego, buttons or even things in your pantry!

Four - Salt dough

This was definitely one of my favourites. Salt dough is cooked in the oven, it’s a little bit like clay + can be painted once dry. You can also add glitter + sequins if you varnish over the top! We enjoyed making ornaments for friends and leaving them on doorsteps with cards to bring some smiles but this play food idea is adorable!

Five - Hama beads

Remember these? Literally hours of fun for kids who are old enough not to eat them! There’s lots of ideas for things to make on pinterest, they’d be really lovely presents to give to friends! Another way to play with them is to use them as beads + thread them, little kids should be able to do it with a bit of help!


5 simple family friendly recipes for lock down isolation with Emily from Mustard Made

5 things to cook with Emily

Cooking is a big part of family life for us normally but since we’re not eating out… or even going out food has become the thing we gravitate to most to bring us joy! I’ve gathered a few recipes that are easy, (mostly) healthy + shouldn’t be too hard to get hold of the ingredients.

One - Breakfast

Start the day with something yummy + that looks like a treat but happens to be healthy! If you can get hold of some flour these are great recipes to whip up for an easy breakfast.

Two - Snack

Staying home means being I close proximity to the fridge at all times. Snacking is oh so tempting so try making these immune boosting gummies so at least you’re getting in some goodness at the same time!

Three - Lunch

These rainbow smoky cauliflower tacos are such an easy way to pack in the veg + full of flavour. They’d be really good for customising with whatever you have left in the fridge + a great excuse to plant some coriander!

Four - Dinner

Is anyone else craving carbs like never before? This fresh take on a noodle salad will fill you up without the stodge factor. As a vegetarian this ticks all the boxes for me!

Five - Dessert

Could not be easier or look cuter! I’d say this is a super sweet idea for making with kids but everyone deserves chocolate dipped frozen bananas no matter how old you are! 


We hope we've given you some ideas for things to create, play or cook!

Love Team Mustard xx


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