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2019 - Mustard's year in numbers

Now seems like just the right moment to get a little reflective. We've taken the last few weeks away from work (mostly) + there's nothing like a bit of space to reset + refocus. We've come a long way in 12 months with a lot of hard work, tears, mistakes, wins + luck along the way.

It's brought us closer as sisters (literally, we've seen each other loads!) + given us a growing sense of confidence in business. It's been a year of connecting with other small business owners, finding support + comfort in knowing our struggles are pretty normal really. 2019 was also the year we began donating to Beam on behalf of our customers, this is a huge achievement for us both as a new business + well, as people who give a sh*t. 

Last year a LOT happened. Here's our 2019 in numbers...

1 x trip to China

1 x new office

1 x Becca speaking at the opening of the Facebook HQ in Sydney

2 x page spread in Lunch Lady Mag!

2 x Jess flying to Australia

3 x Becca flying to the UK

3 x new staff (Emily, Natasha + Lizzy, we love our team!)

4 x locker styles (we added The Lowdown + The Midi)

8 x colours now in our range (we added Berry + Ocean!)

9 x small businesses we collaborated with for our 1st birthday party

150+ stockists worldwide

1300+ mates in our Mustard Mates group

£4000+ donated to Beam 

35,000 followers on Instagram (OMG)

82,700 likes on Instagram posts! 


Our top 9 most liked Instagram posts

Mustard Made lockers year in review top 9

What's in store for next year?

We are starting it with Jess heading to Australia then both of us flying to visit our factory in China. We're celebrating our Dad's 60th with a bunch of family in Tuscany (can't wait!!). We're getting to launch some new products... hopefully growing our team a little more + spreading the mustard even further afield! The rest... we shall see what 2020 has up it's sleeve for Mustard!


Becca + Jess x


Becca + Jess x

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