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Sold out - Update

The Unknown...

** update ** 

We have some good news! Our factory is now able to reopen - they've made sure  their staff are not ill, have hygiene facilities in place + strict protocols for keeping them safe. So, production will begin again this week (2nd March) + soon we will have an ETA for new stock. Pre Orders will open again once the stock is on the water + we have a solid timeline. 

We proudly manufacture our products in China + as you probably know by now the world is very unpredictable right now. The Coronavirus is having a huge impact on peoples lives, businesses + travel. 

Our commitment to our customers is that we will not promise anything we can't be sure we aren't certain we can deliver on. 

For this reason we are leaving our products as Sold Out + will only open Pre Orders when we are confident we know when the products will arrive.

We really appreciate your support + send our love + best wishes to the people whose lives are being shaken up. As much as we love our lockers, humans always matter more. 


love Becca + Jess



Pre Order

Pre Order means you place the order now, for delivery in a little while. 

The product will say Pre Order in the description + also the expected dispatch date. We update these regularly so you'll know when to expect it.

You will receive an order confirmation at the time of purchase then a shipping notification when it dispatches.


If you order ONLY Pre Order items - Your items will be sent when the stock arrives.

If you order Pre Order + IN STOCK items - In order to save you additional shipping costs we will wait until everything is in stock, then send it all at once.

If you would like your in stock items sooner please put them through as a separate order.


Get in touch with us at team@mustardmade.com if you have any questions!