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Welcome Wordbits!

You may have seen these little letters popping up on our Instagram feed for some time now and we are so excited to finally be able to share them with you! Say hello to Wordbits - alphabet magnets have never looked so good. Want to know more? This blog post is going to tell you everything - how we found Wordbits, who they are and everything you need to know about the new products joining the Mustard family!  

wordbits and mustard made - alphabet magnet exclusive collaboration


Meet Annabel + Shanna

These two wonderful ladies are the brains behind our new favourite magnets! Both live in Denmark but hail from New Zealand and Australia, and they met working together at advertising and design agencies. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that they started venturing into their own business when they decided to launch Wordbits. 

Annabel first came up with the idea for stylish and way more practical alphabet magnets way back in 2013. She loved the nostalgia of traditional alphabet magnets, but aside from being able to make funny messages on the fridge, she realised you couldn't actually use them to hold anything substantial! Years later, she finally convinced Shanna to start up the business with her and Wordbits was born! 

wordbits and mustard made - alphabet magnet exclusive collaboration

Their original Kickstarter campaign launched in September 2019 and within 4 days, Wordbits had reached 100% of its target (we know, crazy!) So what happened next? The original goal was to produce Wordbits in Black for the first launch, but with the success of the campaign, they set a stretch goal of 200%, in order to produce Wordbits in Bone too. Just a week after announcing this, their second target was reached and they were well on their way to becoming a reality.  

 wordbits and mustard made - alphabet magnet exclusive collaboration


When Mustard met Wordbits...

In September 2019 - which just feels like so long ago now - Wordbits came onto our radar as we saw the success of their Kickstarter campaign and they were gaining a lot of traction. When we saw how well they were doing and how perfect their product was, we immediately knew that these were the magnets for us. 

Magnets are the perfect accessories for lockers because, well, lockers are metal which means they are magnetic! We knew we wanted to bring out our own magnets one day, but when we saw the work the girls at Wordbits were doing and the beautiful, functional product they had designed, we knew that anything we did probably wouldn't match this. Immediately, we were bouncing ideas between us, and a collaboration including custom Mustard colours seemed like the perfect idea. 

In December 2019, Annabel flew to Australia and visited Becca in Newcastle, where the ideas really started flowing. This couldn't have happened at a better time (pre-pandemic!) and that's when we knew this was going to happen. We were going to be adding two more colours to the Wordbits collection with our very own collaboration. It was starting to get really exciting!

wordbits and mustard made - alphabet magnet exclusive collaboration

It has been a long road - 2020 wasn't the ideal year to be designing and launching a completely new business and product so there were some bumps along the way! But this is the nature of starting a business, so we are just so glad that we could see this through with them and have a beautiful collaboration at the end of it. We could not be more excited to finally have these magnets in pride of place on our website and making their way to your lovely homes.

All about the Magnets

We stock Wordbits in four different colours - Black, Bone, Blush and Mustard. Yep, they will match your lockers perfectly!  

wordbits and mustard made - alphabet magnet exclusive collaboration

Every set contains 60 letters and symbols, each with a smooth matte finish and a rare earth magnet strong enough to hold a greetings card. Every magnet is BPA and phthalate free, plus the Black colour-way is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic! (Read more about the journey of being able to use recycled plastic over on Wordbits here. Thankfully since then, they received the good news recycled plastic is possible with the Black magnets! Yay!) 

wordbits and mustard made - alphabet magnet exclusive collaboration

After the journey to get here, we now can't imagine our lockers without these lovely little letters. We hope you adore them just as much as we do!

Fallen in love with Wordbits? It's time to get stuck into some alphabet-related shenanigans! 

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  • Naw, ladies this is a pinch-me moment! Thanks so much for believing in us, we honestly couldn’t imagine better launch partners xx

    Annabel Weber

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