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Meet Team Mustard

We LOVE our little team.

Get to know the people behind the emails, stories and products. As a small business, we want Mustard to be a happy place to work and to have customers who feel cared about. These are the people we trust to take care of you, get sh*t done and bring our business dreams to life. 

Meet Becca

Job: Creative Director (honestly hard to pick a title!), Big Sister.

Lives with: Jono my husband, Dylan my big boy (11) Ellis my little boy (3) and baby boy number three on the way. Oh and Alfie the cat!

Favourite country: India, I long to go back!

Favourite drink: Bengal spice tea mmmmm

Favourite food: peanut butter

Favourite hobby: making things! (Like randomly whipping out my sewing machine + making a new top without a plan!) 

Favourite read: If it has 'happiness' in the title I've probably read it, also love books set in India and inspiring business books. Dylan says I should read more novels for fun!

Favourite item of clothing: Love my new Stalf jumpsuit, I've always loved dungarees and am so glad they are on-trend because there's so many to pick from!

Favourite locker: The Skinny in Olive. It was the image I had in my mind when we started mustard and I still love it the most!

Meet Jess

Job: Organiser in Chief, Makes Stuff Happen, Little Sister.

Name: Jessica, Jess, Jessie, Jessie Boots, Auntie Jessie...

Lives with: Marc, in a Victorian Terrace ground floor flat in London

Favourite country: Australia, my favs are there + feels like home. 

Favourite drink: Fizzy water with a dash of elderflower 

Favourite food: Potatoes. Roasties, in particular, gimme gimme gimme 

Favourite hobby: Shopping!

Favourite item of clothing: A summer dress, loving my new H&M gingham dress right now

Favourite locker: The Midi in Blush 🌸

Meet Emily, goes by Em

Job: Customer Happiness Hero for Australia + New Zealand

Lives with: Dyl (husband) Finn (2.5) Mack (1)

Favourite country: Vietnam (the food 🤗)

Favourite drink: coffee (double shot flat white)

Favourite food: all the vegetables

Favourite hobby: running (although zero time allocated to this ATM) so I would say eating instead haha 🤣

Favourite read: anything real life/drama psychology

Favourite item of clothing: simple jeans and tee every day of the week

Favourite locker: The Skinny in Olive

Meet Lizzy

Job: Customer Happiness Hero for UK + Europe

Lives with: Katie (Best Friend)

Favourite country: Italy!

Favourite drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte - hurts that I can only get it 2 months a year 😭

Favourite food: Cheese. Anything with cheese.

Favourite hobby: Reading 🤓

Favourite read: Omg don’t make me choose! (Can narrow it down to Victorian Classics though)

Favourite item of clothing: My denim jacket. Classic.

Favourite locker: It's got to be the Skinny in Blush!

Meet Natasha also known as Tash

Job: Wholesale Hero for UK + Europe

Lives with: My husband Jonny and our three girls - Peyton, Scarlett and Quinn

Favourite country: too hard - I love Vietnam, Israel and the US

Favourite drink: Oatly Barista flat white

Favourite food: Anything Cadburys will do!

Favourite hobby: HIIT classes

Favourite read: I wish I had time to read more - probably Stylist and Vogue when I have time!

Favourite item of clothing: I adore fashion so it's a tough one, probably my Anine Bing black blazer, goes with everything!

Favourite locker: Oooh probably The Skinny in Blush but I’m partial to the Berry too!

Meet Sophie or Soph :)

Job: Graphic Designer

Lives with: on the weekends (or when we're in lockdown!), I share my little home with my long-distance, long-term, lovely partner Nick, but the rest of the time I've got the place to myself.

Favourite country: Japan! The food is incredible, the art and design and architecture are mind-blowing (and often has a certain bizarre undercurrent that I adore) and the variety of landscape textures in such a small area is fascinating to explore. I can't wait to go back.

Favourite drink: a warm, spicy, honey-sweetened chai - it's like a hug in a cup!

Favourite food: Eggs any which way are such comfort food. 

Favourite hobby: I really love lettering. Anything to do with drawing words; calligraphy, hand-drawn lettering, type design, on paper or digital animation!

Favourite item of clothing: my bright yellow raincoat. It makes me feel like a big kid.

Favourite locker: The Shorty in Berry. That shade of pink pops and is my absolute jam.

Meet Marc

Job: Digital marketing + heavy lifting

Lives with: The boss (Jess)

Favourite country: Best place I've ever visited has to be Iceland.

Favourite drink: alcoholic would be an Old Fashioned, non-alcoholic would be chocolate milk 😁

Favourite food: Lobster!! Simply grilled with a little garlic butter...

Favourite hobby: Tennis and golf, I can't decide which I love more.

Favourite item of clothing: my Nike x Riciardo Tisci AF1 high tops 🙃

Favourite locker: Mustard Midi. Just so practical and looks great in our hallway.


Now you know all about us! Feel free to pop by with our favourite drink or say hello any time you need us at team@mustardmade.com


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