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Meet The Twinny - The Wardrobe of our Dreams

There's a new addition to the Mustard family and we're a little bit obsessed - meet The Twinny! She's the locker we wished we had in our childhood bedrooms and the wardrobe of our dreams. While she took a *little* longer to arrive than we had initially hoped, we are so pleased and proud she's finally here and is making her way into your homes! 

A lot of things were more difficult than usual in 2020 and creating a new product was no exception! So, it somehow feels like a triumph over all the delays, disappointments and difficulties, to bring you this shiny new product... Ta da! So much thought, effort, a tiny pinch of stress + a whole lot of love has gone into the details of our new locker. Here's a run through of all the things that make The Twinny so special - we hope you fall in love with her just as much as we have!


No matter how old you are, no matter how big or small your clothes are, this locker is for you. The vintage inspired locker is just the right mix of retro-cool and stylish-simple that it works for all ages. There's enough space in here for everyone, whether it is for your little one as they grow, or for you and your definitely-not-getting-out of-hand dress collection (of course I'm not talking about myself here...)


Inside, The Twinny has two rails, one up top and one in the middle. This means little people can reach their clothes all by themselves - might even help them get dressed quicker in the morning! But it also means you can mix up how you hang (with our lovely new hangers of course!)

If you've got more dresses and jumpsuits, remove the lower rail + just use the top rail for maximum capacity. If you want to hang your trousers but fold your tops, just use the bottom rail and move all your shelves to be above. Our go-to shelf and rail combination? Top rail in and shelves all down one side, like in the pictures below! We have space to hang our dresses and coats, plus a whole side of shelves for tops, shoes and baskets (did we mention they are great in The Twinny too?) It's the best of both worlds! 


But wait, there's more! When we dreamed up our lockers we showed our first samples to our friends and one of them, Emma, said she wanted somewhere to hang her necklaces. So, we created our 'handy hooks' AKA the Emma hooks! It's a little touch but adds bonus practicality that make our lockers work that little bit harder! Hang your necklaces like Emma or your headphones or a picture frame. The best part is, the Twinny has FOUR handy hooks - that's the most out of any of our lockers! The possibilities really are endless.

If you have one of our lockers already, you’ll know how handy the cable holes can be, so we added them to the Twinny too! There are two cable holes in the back of the locker, meaning you can keep all of your wires and extension cords neatly stored away. We like to keep the wires in a basket inside, for added #storagegoals points. It can be really hard to make plugs and wires look neat and tidy - the Twinny cable holes can definitely help you out with that!

What’s a locker without a a lock? Ummm…an er? We’re not sure, but we don’t have to think about that because the Twinny has two! We love our locks because you can keep all of your important things safely locked away (or keep clothes away from sisters who might borrow them without asking… I would have loved this as a teenager!) Of course, you also get two of our cute custom matching keyrings. Make sure you read our number one tip here!


The original idea for the Twinny was the Skinny, but with 2 doors instead of one. We received our first samples and decided we wanted to give you a bit more room so we made it a little bit wider, the width of our Midi to be precise! She's the same height as the Skinny we know and love. We also made it a bit deeper than the Skinny, so that adult hangers can fit in a bit more comfortably for bulkier things like coats. However when it comes to hangers, we have designed the perfect ones to fit both the Twinny and the Skinny!   

There are two hanger styles and each comes in adults or kids size. We have top hangers, for hanging your tops, coats or dresses, in each of our nine colours and including a signature mustard squiggle on each side for added cuteness and grip! Our clip hangers are perfect for trousers or skirts, also in all of our colours with two clippy clips to keep your clothes hanging secure. The hangers are made from powder coated metal, just like our lockers and feature sleek timber detailing. 


The best bit? The Twinny comes in all our beautiful colours. We know, it’s hard to pick a favourite! If you’re really struggling, you can pick up some colour swatches to be sent to your home to hopefully help make that decision a little bit easier.

She's pretty great, right? We hope you think so too! We're so glad she is finally out there in the world! If you have any other questions just pop us an email, you can find us at team@mustardmade.com

Love Team Mustard x

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