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make your own - felt bunting

This has got to be our most fun DIY to date - bring the carnival inside by making your own felt bunting to jazz up the inside of your locker!

Follow our step-by-step instructions below to make this cute + colourful decoration - have fun picking colours to match your locker or go the full rainbow! 

What you need

  • Download the bunting template
  • Felt
  • Marker pens/felt tips
  • Material scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Large eye needle needle 
  • Twine or thread  80cm


Step by Step


Print out your downloaded template on A4 paper + cut out all of the elements.



Trace around the template on the felt using a marker or felt tip pen in a similar colour to your chosen piece of felt. Tip - put the flat side of the template on the edge of the felt for a nice straight line.



Cut around the bunting shapes using your scissors.



Fold down the straight edge by 1cm and secure with a pin.



Sew the folded edge down as close as practical to the edge. Make sure you have enough of a 'loop' at the top to be able to thread your twine through at the end! (You can totally stitch it by hand if you don't have a sewing machine!)



After you have sewn up 7 bunting tabs, use your large eye needle to thread the string through the pocket at the top of your tabs. 



Then thread the string though the little lip under the front of the shelf and tie together at the back. Tuck in the string so you can't see it + pop the shelf back in the locker. How cute does that look!!? 


We'd love to see you make these at home! Tag us in your creations on Instagram @mustardmade


Mix up your colours to match your locker and create a joyful little surprise that will make you smile every time you open the door! We love this rainbow bunting but you could try monochrome, all the same colour or your own favourite mix.

Created by You Give Me Grace

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